Deep Scan, Color, and Spark

Artist’s Statement

Prints by Catherine Rutgers, November 5-30, 2006
7th & 2nd Gallery, Middle Collegiate Church, NYC

Visions of nature alive in the city.
Transformed through the science of digital art.

While circling Prospect Park Lake one spectacular sunny day, I was perplexed because the water didn't shimmer. My path turned a fresh angle and revealed this fact: If you want to see the water sparkle, you must be facing the sun. When making art, I translate this type of shift and discovery into visual statements.

Gallery photos by Becket Logan

Image capture is like a funnel, because anything - silkscreen, pastels, photographs, paintings, collage, or rusted metal, flowers, peacock feathers - can be scanned. It's also like a microscope. A tiny oak leaf reveals veins and cells at 1200 pixels per inch, segments become swirling patterns or a rolling meadow with trees in the distance.

And it's like playing with the rainbow. In the color balance function alone, the shadows, midtones, and highlights can be altered a hundred degrees in each direction from cyan to red, magenta to green, and yellow to blue. It's my hope these images will refresh your visual taste buds, and offer new observations and lovely surprises, time after time.

Fullview Scan © Cat Rutgers

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From the guest book

“Bravo! Your work is compelling and
very beautiful.”
~ Mariam
“Beautiful colors and a softness that soothes the soul.”
~ J.K.
“I love seeing the paintings and prints together … Very striking work and a presentation that shows your love of the process on all levels. Thanks also for letting us hear you speak through the statement. Your spirit is everywhere and it is fabulous.”
~ M. Jimenez
“Wonderful works of beauty!”
~ Amber
“The work is out of this world. Thank you for sharing your gift.”
~ L.B. Dickerson